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The Southwest Civil War Association is a non-profit organization made up of people who share a strong interest in the American Civil War. They believe that this conflict, as savage and tragic as it was, still represents the centerpiece of our history and has important effects for us as a people even in the 21st century.

We try to demonstrate- in the most accurate ways possible- both the military and civilian lives of Americans during the mid-19th century. We show battles and tactics with all branches of service represented (infantry, cavalry and artillery). After the battles there are discussions to help the public understand the terrible aftermath of a war that took the lives of over 620,000 American citizens. Visitors can also visit the camps to see and touch how the soldiers lived. But there is so much more. Civilian life is also portrayed in the fashions, cooking, music, dances, secular and spiritual life and many other ways.

Come and join us and see who we are, what we do, and share our passion for this critical era!

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We are Arizona’s largest and most active Civil War living history organization !

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